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Desert Metal Craft is the only school in the Southwest dedicated to teaching the ancient art of blacksmithing together with the modern science behind the craft of metalworking.

Develop your artisanal skills in a safe, collaborative learning environment in a fully equipped forge, supported by a team of experienced blacksmiths, metal workers, artists and metallurgists.

A New Kind of Metal Arts School

The Southwest has a long tradition of blacksmithing and metalcraft, and there are many experienced and accomplished smiths throughout the region. But what sets DMC apart is our added focus on the science of metal. Our team includes an engineering instructor who has taught college-level metallurgical science courses on the thermodynamics and kinetics of metals.

We are grateful for the skills and experience we’ve acquired from those who practice the ancient art, many of whom have established respected blacksmithing schools, but we want to enhance the metalworking experience by providing the opportunity to learn the modern science that helps shape our understanding of metalcraft.

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